Tuesday 30th November

It’s a complicated world, and sometimes you need some simple pleasures. Rave In A Pub is you and some world-class DJs having a good old fashioned party in an 18th century, intimate London boozer. Enter the non-pretentious, arms in the air rave upstairs; have a break from the chaos downstairs whilst having a (semi) relaxed pint. Rave In A Pub.

We’ve invited Nick The Record for the next instalment of our Rave In A Pub series. He has more than 25+ years under his belt of pedigree DJ experience, has collected records and selected them at parties in Japan for ten years along his journey, has played all over the world with his famous collection of records. The diversity of his collection is on another planet to the rest of the DJ world and hearing a snippet of what he has to offer is really not to be missed.

This is going to be one hell of a party!

£6 tickets / 8pm – 2am / arrive before 22:30 to guarantee queue jump