Tuesday 30th November

It’s a complicated world, and sometimes you need some simple pleasures. Rave In A Pub is you and some world-class DJs having a good old fashioned party in an 18th century, intimate London boozer. Enter the non-pretentious, arms in the air rave upstairs; have a break from the chaos downstairs whilst having a (semi) relaxed pint. Rave In A Pub.

We’re delighted to invite Danielle moore from crazy p back for rave in a pub. words cannot describe the ultimate party atmosphere which she brought when she joined us previously.

Having been at the forefront of the house and disco scene for 15 years and with a new record is in the offing for 2018, we can’t wait to hear danielle’s shimmering pop goodness from the confines of our intimate dance floor.

Tickets from only £6 / 8pm – 2am