Rave In A Pub: Maurice Fulton

Rave In A Pub: Maurice Fulton

Friday 29th June

It’s a complicated world, and sometimes you need some simple pleasures. Rave In A Pub is you and some world-class DJs having a good old fashioned party in an 18th century, intimate London boozer. Enter the non-pretentious, arms in the air rave upstairs; have a break from the chaos downstairs whilst having a (semi) relaxed pint. Rave In A Pub.

We’VE INVITED Maurice Fulton to play in one of London’s best boozers…

Maurice Fulton is one of house music’s true originals, an eccentric DJ and producer who never fails to surprise and delight his listeners. Prepare to be amazed and see why he has been such a huge influence on so many DJ sets.