Alan Partridge Quiz

Alan Partridge Quiz

Thursday 10th December

“No offence, Lynn, but your life is technically not worth insuring”

For a quarter of a century, Alan Partridge has been one of the most important voices and faces in broadcasting. His unique career has seen him go from local sports reporter to primetime radio and television chat show host, big time producer, cable TV host and local digital radio DJ… it’s been an incredible journey.

But how much do you remember about 25 years of Partridge?

It’s time to smell my cheese, kiss my face and aim for the back of the net!

Book a ticket to get involved; with new social-distancing measures in place, tables, tickets and team numbers have all been reduced so book now or miss out!

19:00 – 22:00 | £3 per person

As you’re probably aware by now, Bojo has decided that anyone coming for a drink also needs to have some grub… Luckily we have you covered with award-winning burgers courtesy of Lucky Chip